Carbon Fiber Bathtub

Austrian manufacturer Corcel has designed an amazing full carbon fiber bathtub called “Corcel N°1” .  The carbon fiber bathtub is extremely durable, lightweight and resistant to chemicals and harsh temperatures

Daft Punk & Coca Cola

After the first set of bottles, here is the new collaboration of Coca-Cola the unique group Daft Punk. Created by dressing two bottles with precious metals, like their cap: gold and silver. All limited to 20 signed copies.

Rubber bookshelves

Luke Hart created these rubber bookshelves for The Sculpture House. They have the delightful impracticality of all the everyday objects crafted from rubber that appear in old Warner Brothers cartoons, and the bright red coloring is an especially nice touch.


Lycoming R680 9 Cylinder Radial Engine Table

Currently on display at Decoratum Gallery in London, the Cylinder Radial Engine Table is made from a US Army Boeing-Stearman PT-13 engine acquired from the Canadian Museum of Flight, Langley, British Columbia. Constructed between 1936 and 1938. Price: £ 19,750   

‘On Tour’ Series Furniture

It may look like a rolling amp and speaker cabinet for a rock band, but the On Tour cabinet fromAureate actually conceals shelves and drawers for storing books, games, movies, and what-not.

German hot rods from scrap @ Frankfurt Motor Show 2011

Frankfurt Motor Show this year has provided many majorsurprises, but some of them even left the audience open-mouthed. Is the case of replicas made ​​of scrap metal and usedauto parts, exposed by a German company, which complies withfidelity design models such as the legendary 300SL GullwingMercedes-Benz, Porsche Spyder or the old Auto Union fireball. The replicas can be purchased, the price of a Mercedes Gullwing reaching 69,000 euros.  Opening the hood or trunk door  brings them closer to the real object replica.

Porsche Spyder – 39000 euro

Auto Union racing model – 54000 euro

San Pellegrino Meets Bulgari Limited Edition Bottle

To mark its 125th anniversary, Italian jewelry manufacturer BVLGARI has teamed with famed sparkling mineral water juggernaut San Pellegrino. The result is a one-of-a-kind gemstone label that will be sold exclusively at BVLGARI’s international touring exhibition in Paris, running through January 2012

Cay Sofa Concept

Alexander Rehn’s furniture is known for its multi-functional design and various moveable pieces. The Cay Sofa byAlexander Rehn is the designer’s latest invention and is for those who want to go home and relax in front of the fireplace, the TV or just enjoy a good book. The flexible home living piece switches according to your body movement. Although still a prototype, expect the Cay Sofa to be released worldwide soon.


Wedding Invitation – Tie the Knot

An excellent project by Cristina Moralejo with this concept for a wedding invitation rather unique and effective. When both ends of the carton are separated, together form a knot, which directly represents the union of Lois and CRis

Mercedes-Benz F125 Concept

MB celebrates its 125th year with the F125. Its emission-free hydrogen-powered electric motor gets up to 650mi in one charge.The Concept was just unveiled at the Frankfurt Auto Show –

Most important is the technology of this revolutionary concept.

Mercedes-Benz favors Hydrogen as the energy source for the F-Cell Hybrid electric engine and achieves due to an integrated tanks in the body of the car an outstanding range of 1000 Kilometer or about 650 miles – entirely emission free.

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Wooden Bikes by Gunneweg

Designer Jan Gunneweg created this gorgeous wooden bicycle which not only has a solid wood frame, but asymetrical wooden wheels and natural-tone brown tires to go with.

Previous works

Bike made from solid walnut and aluminium.

Bike made of birchwood, carbon and aluminium

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Jennifer Collier’s Paper Devices

UK-based Jennifer Collier crafts these impeccably detailed devices using cardboard, thread, and road maps. Her work will be on display September 22-28 at the Origin Craft Fair and you can see many more details shots here


Solar Power Pops Truck by Kelli Anderson

Designer Kelli Anderson has created this tasty, informative food truck for the solar power company Sungevity.  The Solar Power Pops Truck doles out free popsicles to the public while informing its diners on the values of solar-powered living.  The a-framed panels above gather solar power to aid in this truck’s production of gourmet icy treats, while infographics adorn its walls explaining the virtues of photovoltaics.  The infographics and color styling of the vehicle were Anderson’s work, while the engineering was done by Jason Anello.

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The Star Wars second string … in Plasticine

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away … a host of rebels, bounty hunters and Imperial guards were overshadowed by the more glamorous antics of Luke and Leia. That’s the cheeky premise of Elliott Quince’s new book, which fleshes out the lives of lesser-known Star Wars characters in modelling clay


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Plasticine Tatooine: Stories from the Star Wars Second String is available from

Carpets Made From Google Earth Images

Munich-born designer David Hanauer makes rugs that look like old-school Persian carpets, but in reality feature carefully-selected screenshots pulled from Google Earth, usually taken from the Las Vegas or Los Angeles areas. The resulting patterns, created by repeating and reflecting images that Hanauer has lightly retouched (and in certain cases, still contain a Google watermark), are surprisingly beautiful — especially if you have an interest in city planning or aerial photography. Click through to get a better look at his designs, and if you’d like spruce up your apartment with one, they’re available for purchase (price by request) on his website

Duracell Promo Packaging

Spencer Bigum’s concept packaging for Duracell batteries is brilliant in its simplicity. The geeky covers should be a hit with consumers looking to power their game controllers and remote controls.

The new package is made of 100% recycled cardboard and uses the back of the “original” battery package as the front for a larger canvas, which is why there isn’t a need for a clear plastic case to hold the batteries anymore.  A few other ideas for other pop-culture references were included to see how the system could work.

Waste Landscape

It’s amazing what creative concepts can be derived from basic items we use everyday. Artist Elise Morin in collaboration with architect Clemence Eliard (of SMALL MEDIUM LARGE) and the present the Waste Landscape. Consisting of 65,000 hand-sewn CDs, this shiny mound looks creates the illusion of standing on bubbles. The work is housed at the Halle d’Aubervilliers in Paris, measuring in at over 500 square meters

Peter Gregson for Coca Cola

Graphic designer Peter Gregson has designed a series of collectable Coca-Cola cans to celebrate the brand’s 125th anniversary this year. The Serbian designer referenced vintage Coca-Cola ads and posters from the ’30s and ’40s to create a style which, while completely new, reflects the drinks’s longevity


The H2Office from WaterSpace is an award-winning purpose-built floating unit. It opens up a host of new possibilities for marine-related businesses and people who just like the idea of “working on water”.

The 245+ sq. ft. office (plus deck) offers ample room for both work and entertaining.

Pictogram History

In the same spirit as the great icons of film posters, here is the concept applied to the facts of stories or events. In the form of original drawings, this is a work of design studio H-57 based in Milan, Italy.

Commercial Space Station – Orbital Technologies

CSS – Commercial Space Station – Space Hotel

Design plans were unveiled in Moscow this week by Orbital Technologies, the Russian company seeking to get wealthy tourists boldly going where they have never gone before.While the price may not seem too astronomical, with initial claims suggesting the a five-day stay may cost around £100,000, it’s going to cost a cool £250,000 to get there.

So far only 500 people have been into space. Aside from a few very rich men willing to pay for the privilege, they have all been trained astronauts and cosmonauts.

Orbital’s chief executive Sergei Kostenko said his orbiting hotel will be ‘far more comfortable’ than the International Space Station. With room for seven guests in four cabins, visitors to the 706 cubic feet pod will be able to see the wonders of space through huge windows.

Called the CSS (Commercial Space Station) it will be built 217 miles above the earth and accessed via Russian Soyuz rockets.

Available for use as an emergency bolthole for astronauts aboard the manned space station, visitors will also be able to choose beds that are either vertical or horizontal – due to the weightlessness of space. And its showers will be totally sealed to stop water going where it shouldn’t.

Orbital Technologies is affiliated with RSC Energia, the prime Russian contractor for the International Space Station and the operator of all of the long line of Soviet and Russian space stations.

Mr Kostenko added that his space station would be up and running for tourists, hopefully by 2016, long before Virgin boss Richard Branson builds his

Lego VW Camper Van

The iconic Volkswagen T1 Camper Van gets immortalized in LEGO form. This official 1,332 piece kit has working doors, windows, and a detailed interior and engine. Out this October for ~$100 via and at LEGO® Stores

This authentic camper van is a replica of the classic Volkswagen Camper Van from 1962. Every iconic feature is here! On the outside, the terrific detailing includes ‘V’ shape three-way color split at the front, rounded roof and window frames, opening ‘splittie’ safari windshield, opening doors, iconic pop-up roof with textile curtain surround, roof rack, rear side air intake vents and lots more! The detailing is equally impressive on the inside, from the authentic VW air-cooled flat four cylinder boxer engine, front cabin bench seat, gear stick, angled dashboard and iconic spherical speedometer, to custom LEGO® features like folding rear bench seat, folding dinette table, closet with mirror and even a painting! Ages 16+. 1,322 pieces.

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi

Welcome to Ferrari World Abu Dhabi the largest indoor and the only Ferrari branded theme park in the world, with 20 Ferrari inspired rides and attractions and a priceless collection of more than 30 vintage and contemporary Ferraris.

Featuring high adrenaline rides, fun learning attractions suitable for guests of all ages and a unique taste of Italy through its authentic dining experiences, Ferrari World Abu Dhabi is the premier family entertainment centre in the region. Every ride incorporates Ferrari design and technology, offering an engaging and interactive multisensory experience that truly brings the Ferrari story to life.



Ferrari World Abu Dhabi is one of the signature features of Yas Island, a 2,500 hectare island dedicated to leisure, entertainment and lifestyle.

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Mercedes prosthetic LIMB

A teenage Formula One fan has been fitted with a souped-up artificial hand after he offered to sell advertising space to Mercedes – on his prosthetic LIMB.

Brave Matthew James, 14, who was born without his left hand, sent a cheeky letter to Ross Brawn, boss of F1 team Mercedes GP Petronas, asking for £35,000 to pay for a top-of-the range artificial limb. In return, shrewd Matthew said he would allow the company to sponsor the hand by putting the Mercedes logo on it – like ads seen on F1 cars.

But Mercedes where so touched by Matthew’s ‘intelligent and moving letter’ they agreed to help him and teamed up with firm Touch Bionics, who create and fit hi-tech artificial limbs. Together they designed his own customised i-LIMB Pulse – the most advanced prosthetic limb in the world.

The hand is so versatile Matthew can grip a pen to draw pictures and write, tie his shoe laces and catch a ball. The hand, made from high-grade plastic with a black silicone socket, literally plugs into Matthew’s arm.Two electrodes on the inside of the socket detect electrical impulses made by the muscles in Matthew’s lower arm. The signals are then beamed to a mini-computer in the palm which translates the messages into movements, replicating a normal hand.

After receiving the letter in June, Mercedes invited Matthew to their headquarters, where he toured the factory and met racing legend Michael Schumacher.

The company said they were unable to pay for the hand but agreed to help Matthew raise the money, by asking fans and sponsors to make donations. Touch Bionics also agreed to fit the hand and train Matthew at their state of the art facilities for free, which would have otherwise cost £25,000.

via DailyMail