Cay Sofa Concept

Alexander Rehn’s furniture is known for its multi-functional design and various moveable pieces. The Cay Sofa byAlexander Rehn is the designer’s latest invention and is for those who want to go home and relax in front of the fireplace, the TV or just enjoy a good book. The flexible home living piece switches according to your body movement. Although still a prototype, expect the Cay Sofa to be released worldwide soon.



Wedding Invitation – Tie the Knot

An excellent project by Cristina Moralejo with this concept for a wedding invitation rather unique and effective. When both ends of the carton are separated, together form a knot, which directly represents the union of Lois and CRis

Mercedes-Benz F125 Concept

MB celebrates its 125th year with the F125. Its emission-free hydrogen-powered electric motor gets up to 650mi in one charge.The Concept was just unveiled at the Frankfurt Auto Show –

Most important is the technology of this revolutionary concept.

Mercedes-Benz favors Hydrogen as the energy source for the F-Cell Hybrid electric engine and achieves due to an integrated tanks in the body of the car an outstanding range of 1000 Kilometer or about 650 miles – entirely emission free.

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Wooden Bikes by Gunneweg

Designer Jan Gunneweg created this gorgeous wooden bicycle which not only has a solid wood frame, but asymetrical wooden wheels and natural-tone brown tires to go with.

Previous works

Bike made from solid walnut and aluminium.

Bike made of birchwood, carbon and aluminium

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Jennifer Collier’s Paper Devices

UK-based Jennifer Collier crafts these impeccably detailed devices using cardboard, thread, and road maps. Her work will be on display September 22-28 at the Origin Craft Fair and you can see many more details shots here


Solar Power Pops Truck by Kelli Anderson

Designer Kelli Anderson has created this tasty, informative food truck for the solar power company Sungevity.  The Solar Power Pops Truck doles out free popsicles to the public while informing its diners on the values of solar-powered living.  The a-framed panels above gather solar power to aid in this truck’s production of gourmet icy treats, while infographics adorn its walls explaining the virtues of photovoltaics.  The infographics and color styling of the vehicle were Anderson’s work, while the engineering was done by Jason Anello.

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The Star Wars second string … in Plasticine

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away … a host of rebels, bounty hunters and Imperial guards were overshadowed by the more glamorous antics of Luke and Leia. That’s the cheeky premise of Elliott Quince’s new book, which fleshes out the lives of lesser-known Star Wars characters in modelling clay


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Plasticine Tatooine: Stories from the Star Wars Second String is available from