Branding 10 000 Lakes

An initiative by the designer Nicole Meyer based in Minneapolis, thinking the logos of over 10,000 lakes, which used to be very traditional.

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Léon: The Professional Figure

This unbelievably-detailed Jean Reno figure comes with every accessory a contract assassin needs, as well as other props from the classic action flick. Natalie Portman action figure NOT sold separately.

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Epic Tea House Server

Is this waiter extremely skilled, or is he just really lazy? Are there no serving trays in this restaurant? Are his co-workers ever tempted to trip the guy?

Obama Kill Osama Collectible Figurine

After remembering the victims and heroes of 9/11, let’s also remember that we finally killed that bloody Bin Laden bastard, shall we? Behold the Obama Kill Osama Collectible Figurine!

Truth and Lies Posters

A beautiful series of posters with this concept from designer Justin Barber. Here is a selection of humorous posters  with the lies of everyday life.

Kiss Series

Discover  the concept behind the series of photographs “Kiss” by photographer Andy Barter .

Many variations with shots from above, a dozen couples kissing.

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Where’s Wally Tattoo

Music producer John Mosley , 22, sat patiently for 24 hours while tattooist Rytch Soddy created a scene featuring150 characters and Wally hiding among them.

The artwork was created in s studio in Norwich and raised £2,000 for charity.