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Anything but living in a tree is disturbing

A few days ago a few journalists from the Sun, decided to visit Romania, the city of Tandarei to be precise, to see the houses of some gypsyes that received about 800.000 pounds from the UK government as social benefits (illegaly)

Without any further ado  ( I always wanted to say this 🙂 ) this is what they discovered

” A gypsy beverly Hills built with british benefits ” :)))

” But our visit did not go unnoticed by the fiddling gypsies.

As we walked around, a burly man with gold teeth screeched up in a UK-plated right-hand-drive Vauxhall – and snarled: “Take a picture of my house and I will crash into your car. You will die.”

UK-registered vehicles are commonplace in the town.”

This is the quote from the Sun, but I say how the hell does this look like Beverly Hills????

Original article from the Sunlink