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Mercedes Prototypes

Mercedes-Benz 300 SLP “Uhlenhaut coupe”

Daimler-Benz developed this hardtop version of the 300 SLP racing car for the 1956 season. It was never used in racing, however, because the company ceased its motorsport activities at the end of the 1955 season. Instead, the 300 SLR coupe served the head of the Test Department, Rudolf Uhlenhaut, as a company car. The nickname “Uhlenhaut coupe” is a reminder of this. Only 2 units were build.

Mercedes C111 series 

Originally presented at the 1969 Frankfurt International Motor Show, the C111 series was developed to test various innovations like alternative combustion engines and air conditioned cooling. This wedge-shaped gullwing model, from 1970, uses a center-mounted rotary-piston Wankel combustion engine instead of a traditional cylinder-based one and was reported to produce 370hp and a top speed of 180mph.

Mercedes Auto 2000

The Auto 2000 was developed in 1980 to test methodologies for reducing fuel consumption. While the focus of the research was comparing three different engine concepts (petrol, turbo-diesel and gas turbine), the brutalist-esque ’80s approach to aerodynamic design is nice