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Money Stacks Backpack

This novelty backpack does everything a regular backpack can do but does it in millionaire-drug-dealer style.  The exterior design features stacks of hundred dollar bills, from what I can see, I think there is over one million dollars worth of “bills”.

Alcohol Milk Packaging

An amazing concept of packaging by artist Jorn based in Düsseldorf, turning the bottles of spirits as Absolut Vodka or JackDaniels in cardboard  milk packaging

Skateboard Shades

Here’s an original experiment carried out by  EricSinger: Shwood. A pair of glasses designed completely from a skate board. Work with wood, explained and presented in pictures by Joe Stevens with music by T. Rex and the band The Black Keys

Strada Custom Bikes

Developing a custom order program, Strada’s mission is to assemble the finest personalized bicycles using durable and high quality materials. Never compromising on the quality, the brand states: “Each bike is assembled individually with care and it will be evident once you ride a Strada. We don’t just build bikes, but an experience. From shopping our site to riding our bikes, we bring you unparalleled quality every step of the way.”

visit the Strada website here.