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Tape this

Mark Jenkins is a street artist currently living in Washington DC, he uses packing tape to create his base forms using a casting process in which the object is first encased in plastic wrap and then in tape.

Jenkins’ practice of  art is to use the “street as a stage” where passersby become actors. Many of his installations have resulted in intervention by the authorities whom he also regards as actors. Check out some of his works and decide for yourself.


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Pedal Mafia

Oh boy oh boy oh boy!!!!! i want the green one, the blue one, the red one…and oh let’s not forget about the black one….actually i want one of each

Bringing colours back into your scope – Pedal Mafia out of Japan, and the really cool thing is you cand use the Pedal ID to design your bike and get an ideea of what you want. Enjoy

Royal star Track

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