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Colnago Arabesque

Ernesto Colnago’s Arabesque was a celebration of everything there was to love (or hate) about Italian racing steel from the early 80s. An elaborate flourish of a bicycle, it’s a tribute to the exuberant style for which the Cambiago-based maker is famous for.

Garage Find

Over the last week-end I visited my grandma, and in her garage i discovered my old bike, taken apart. Against all odds I also found most of it’s parts  , so I’m gonna try painting and fixing it up in the next couple of weeks

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Epitaph Cruiser by Autum

The Epitaph began as a humble cruiser, but has been bulked up and given a truly rugged finish. Each Epitaph bike features a custom crafted wheel set that allows a mount of 4 low profile tires. The seat, grips & frame inserts, also made from scratch, are fashioned with obsessively selected aged leather. Laser engraved Roman Numerals on the seat identify build number. Limited production run of (12). Designed by Autumn.

Le Tour de France

Running from Saturday July 2nd to Sunday July 24th 2011, the 98th Tour de France will be made up of 21 stages and will cover a total distance of 3,430.5 kilometres.

Distinctive aspects of the race

  • le Galibier climbed twice,
  • 2 rest days,
  • 23 level 2, 1 or highest level mountain passes or summit finishes,
  • no bonuses will be awarded during the intermediate sprints and stage finishes.
This year jersey’s
The Galibier 1911 – 2011 
In 2011, the Tour will celebrate the hundredth anniversary of the first crossing of the galibier by the peloton, the mountain pass which has been visited the most by the race. The finishing line of the 18th stage will be marked out there at an altitude of 2, 645 metres!

Michael Jackson – Motorcycle Memorial

Paris Jackson tweeted the photos over the weekend , as this Saturday marks the two-year anniversary of their father’s death. (I can’t believe 2 years have passed already :|) The Jackson kids recently got a glimpse of the coolest Michael Jackson memorial yet — in the form of a SICK custom-painted motorcycle … depicting the King of Pop at various stages in his career.

Pedal Mafia

Oh boy oh boy oh boy!!!!! i want the green one, the blue one, the red one…and oh let’s not forget about the black one….actually i want one of each

Bringing colours back into your scope – Pedal Mafia out of Japan, and the really cool thing is you cand use the Pedal ID to design your bike and get an ideea of what you want. Enjoy

Royal star Track

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