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Mind-bog-gglingly useful

The written word erects :))

Artist Marta Minujin, Argentina latest creation – a spiraling, 25-meter-tall (82-foot) tower meant to pay homage to the written word.

Placed in  the Plaza San Martin, in the heart of the Argentine capital – “The Tower of Babel” — built from 30,000 books, most of them donations from some 50 embassies.

Artists view point – “I don’t know why we have to have different languages” ; “It’s really amusing to be able to climb up and down a work of art ” – guess I don’t have an eye for art 🙂

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Tape this

Mark Jenkins is a street artist currently living in Washington DC, he uses packing tape to create his base forms using a casting process in which the object is first encased in plastic wrap and then in tape.

Jenkins’ practice of  art is to use the “street as a stage” where passersby become actors. Many of his installations have resulted in intervention by the authorities whom he also regards as actors. Check out some of his works and decide for yourself.


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