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Etnies clothing mogul creates house for Skateboarding

Imagine being able to grind to the fridge over the sofa before ollying onto the kitchen table and then skating up a wall. Etnies clothing mogul and former pro-skater, Pierre-André Senizergues, has made every teenage boy’s dream a reality with his ‘PAS’ house, a paradise that’s totally designed for skateboarding.

The 48-year-old is currently having the 2,200 square foot home built in Malibu, but those desperate for a go should nip over to Paris where a smaller prototype is currently on display at La Gaîté Lyrique until August 7.

Senizergues’s Malibu home is set to be built in the shape of a full skate ramp. There will be no corners, just curves.Furniture and even kitchen appliances will all be ‘skateable’ and of course, everything will be environmentally friendly.