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Grandfather’s Iskra Pocket Watch

As you can see in my previous post on the subject, just 2 days ago i realized what i had in my possession. As the watch isn’t working yet, I made same photos for a watchmaker who was kind enough  to help me with some details about it, now I’m waiting on his reply about the condition based on the photos.

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From the ”Russian Empire” to the ”Soviet Union”

I always knew.. from the moment when me and my brother developed the annoying habit of saying “For mother Russia” with a Bolshevik to say

My grandfather was for a couple of years an elected member of the ”Great National Assembly”, a.k.a the legislature  of the Romanian People’s Republic and the Socialist Republic Romania( in fact it had almost nothing to do with the definition, cause a dictator can make sure of that). As he passed away a few years ago me and my brother took the memorabilia from those days, including a pocket watch i knew nothing about.

Back to present times – today i was browsing on eBay, looking at some old Russian watches when i remembered about the pocket watch!. After retrieving the watch, saw it had only one name written on it and of course it was in Cyrillic alphabet…after the internet proofed useless, my mom remembered she is somewhat  ”familiar” with the former language of the  CCCP.

Iskra Pocket Watch

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