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Shutterlog Remix

Shutterlog is a crowdsourced YouTube channel containing videos of the moment when a camera’s shutter release is pressed. Cameron Lew remixed the sounds into a relentless, attacking beat.

Peugeot HX1

Here is  Peugeot’s  new hybrid concept  sport car  “Peugeot HX1”. A large cabin can accommodate 6 people, with all doors opening up.

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Polaroid SX-70 Camera

The SX-70 is a true legend in the photographic world, as it was the first shooter to take integral instant film, and the first SLR to feature a folding body. The Polaroid SX-70 Camera ($300) isn’t a modern remake of this classic — it is the classic, painstakingly restored so it works perfectly — especially with Impossible Project film — folds flat, and looks great even when it’s just sitting around. Instragram’s got nothing on this