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Kaweco AC Sport Carbon Fiber Fountain Pen

Since 1883 Kaweco of Germany has been applying their company motto “small in the pocket, great in the hand” in their efforts to produce high end writing implements. Case in point: the AC Sport Carbon Fiber Fountain Pen ($112), which embodies the company motto right down the last dotted ‘I’ and crossed ‘T’. The pen is constructed from matte finish aluminum with carbon fiber inlays, a sturdy screw on cap and a stainless steel nib. When closed it measures a pocket-friendly 4.1″, but when the pen is opened, it’s 5.6″ inch stature not only feels great in the hand, but lends its user a great deal of handling confidence.

Solar Power Pops Truck by Kelli Anderson

Designer Kelli Anderson has created this tasty, informative food truck for the solar power company Sungevity.  The Solar Power Pops Truck doles out free popsicles to the public while informing its diners on the values of solar-powered living.  The a-framed panels above gather solar power to aid in this truck’s production of gourmet icy treats, while infographics adorn its walls explaining the virtues of photovoltaics.  The infographics and color styling of the vehicle were Anderson’s work, while the engineering was done by Jason Anello.

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Bape Star Wars Capsule T-Shirt Collection

In an interesting collaboration, A Bathing Ape has announced today their new collaborative t-shirt collection with Star Wars. Iconic characters from the movie series are mixed with trademark Bape characters and graphic styles. The collection is overall comprised of 6 t-shirts, each coming in several colorways. The capsule will be released on September 17th, 2011.