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Bully Cat Stuffs Cat In Box

A bully doesn’t simply put someone in a cage. He make an effort to keep his victim in the cage, as shown by this cute but evil cat.

Wacom Inkling Digital Stylus Pen

Wacom, the maker of illustration interfaces for designers and artists, has finally forgone the tablet and put pen-and-ink back in the hands of creatives.  The Wacom Inkling Digital Stylus Pen is a real, ink-filled pen that records an illustrators drawings and transports them to a computer.  Artists who prefer to sketch on paper can do so again, yet a digital representation of their work can be tossed into Photoshop and Illustrator in moments.

HenderScheme ‘Hommage’ Series – Handmade Sneaker Classics

Every single piece of the shoe is made and put together by hand, with the result being rather interesting. The Air Force 1 and the Era are especially beautiful, while the Superstar’s rubber toe box turns out a little different when produced by hand, using leather.  –  Japanese brand HenderScheme