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Bouncy Kids Camera

It’s an ordinary camera lined with Sugru silicone rubber, which is kind of like clay but also sorta like duct tape. Once attached to something, Sugru sets itself permanently. Like this camera. Watch it roll around on the street.

Waste Landscape

It’s amazing what creative concepts can be derived from basic items we use everyday. Artist Elise Morin in collaboration with architect Clemence Eliard (of SMALL MEDIUM LARGE) and the present the Waste Landscape. Consisting of 65,000 hand-sewn CDs, this shiny mound looks creates the illusion of standing on bubbles. The work is housed at the Halle d’Aubervilliers in Paris, measuring in at over 500 square meters

Celebrity Caricatures

Focus on the work of the artist Stanley Chow based in Manchester. Portraits and caricatures of many celebrities and personalities such as Muhammad Ali, ClarkKent, Messi, Dexter or Natalie Portman. Hover over the pics for names

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Animal Series – Morten Koldby

Danish artist Morten Koldby happens to capture the intense gaze of animals. A series of photographs immortalizing a gallery of wildlife photographs with high quality.

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Alexa Meade – Human Canvass

Artist Alexa Meade’s technique involves painting directly onto the physical subjects that she is referencing, rather than using a canvas. Once the paintings are complete, she then photographs both the subject she had painted onto and the background. The effect creates an optical illusion as the 3D effect of her scenes is compressed into a 2D plane.