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Interactive YouTube – Sprite Zero Skate ‘n’ Splash

This interactive YouTube video lets you instantly skip from one segment to the next, deciding exactly what you’ll see and when you’ll see it. Using keyboard keys 4 through 9, you can replay the skateboard tricks, skip others, and create your own rhythmic masterpieces on the fly.


The promotional YouTube video, dreamed up by the Interactive Marketing Team at Coca-Cola Germany for Sprite Zero, minimizes branding because its creators “wanted the focus to be on the content and the interactivity.” They added, “This sort of video is quite different from what we at Coca-Cola usually do, in terms of ‘edginess’ and branding.”

via Mashable

The HiLo

The HiLo is quite an interesting concept; it is a 10” OLED Tablet with a wireless felt keyboard. Now the thing about the keyboard is that it’s styled as a jacket to hold the tablet. At the same time it features fused (hot pressed – embedded circuitry) keys on the outside.

Witty Wordplay

The pun-powered Rena Littleson paintings are not for the easily offended or prudish type, but they pack a hilarious punch. Using illustrations and typography, the Australian artist takes well-known phrases and colloquialisms and applies them to ironic or satirical situations.