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skid lids

A team of designers from Kazakhstan have come up with a line of ‘skid lids’ that are bound to turn heads while you ride your bike. They include a full head of red hair – complete with ears – a brown bob-style and a bald head sporting an earring in the ear.

But the more game might prefer one from the more adventurous range – including the pert bottom or a breast with a dangling nipple ring. Other designs include a cracked walnut, watermelon, 8 ball, bubble-wrap, tennis ball, globe or bowling ball. The designs were created by marketing agency Good! in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

2011 World Yo-Yo Champ

You’ll see lots of slick freestyle moves in this video from Singapore’s Marcus Koh, a dude who just happens to be the 2011 winner of the 1A division World Yo-Yo Contest.

Head Bowling Balls

In the same concept as their excellent idea of Horror Stationery, here is the concept of bowling balls and faces turned into “zombies heads” for the television channel 13th Street. Designed by advertising agency Jung von Matt/Elbe 


Amadou Ndiaye – BMW i1

BMW recently launched their new i division with the additions of the i3 and i8 concept cars.However, those two models were not enough for Canadian designer Amadou Ndiaye, who believed that BMW should have another model in the i range and came up with the entry-level BMW i1.The BMW i1 is a three-wheeler that is designed to offer the same adrenaline rush and excitement of a motorcycle, only with the front wheels mounted on a hydraulic mechanism.