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Propaganda Posters

Discover  these concepts of posters for social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Google more directly inspired from  propaganda posters during the war. A reflection on the slogans ,through various illustrations by Aaron Wood.

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Bruised Banana

Jun Gil Park utilizes the concept of oxidization and turns it on its head to create these magnificent jazz scene masterpieces.

Jun Gil Park makes these banana art pieces by taking a toothpick and scratching designs into its peel. Pressing down harder on the peel resulted in darker bruising, so following this simple principle, Jun Gil Park was able to establish his creative illustrations.

Eager Beaver

Hamza Labeid of Mauritania makes a very unfortunate mistake at the 50m freestyle swimming event at the 2011 FINA WC.

Martin Schoeller – Celebrities

A superb series of celebrities portraits  around as Barack Obama, Mark Zuckerberg, Brad Pitt,  Marc Jacobs or Jay-Z. Everything was shot by photographer Martin Schoeller, after years as an assistant to the famous photographer Annie Leibovitz  

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