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GoPro Under Skateboard

Josh Maready installed a couple of GoPro cameras under his skateboard and then skated through New York City. Unfortunately both cameras were unable to handle the constant jolts and eventually broke.

Rowan Atkinson ‘cheats death’

Actor Rowan Atkinson cheated death last night after careering off the road in his 240mph supercar.

The £650,000 McLaren F1 spun several times, smashing into a tree and ploughing into a road sign before catching fire on the opposite side of the carriageway.

The Mr Bean star, 56, pulled himself free from the wreck and was looked after by a passing motorist until emergency services arrived on the A605 at Haddon

Just two weeks ago Rowan Atkinson appeared on Top Gear, talking about the miles he travelled in his McLaren F1

Street Art Notebook

A great concept with this book, designed by Think of The and published by Quirk Books, to create these illustrations own creations and “street art”. A real sketchbook of over 80 photos of the town walls  in New York.

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