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Tilt-Shift Camera

The lens is mounted at an angle for real “miniaturized” photos. It’s teeny-weeny (about the size of your mobile) so the power of tilt-shift can always be in your pocket.

Make buildings look tiny! Make people look small! Make beautiful blurry bokeh!

Lovely vignetting and a 5MP sensor put you squarely in lo-fi toy-camera territory, like shooting with a Lomo or Holga. Plus it’s got all the stuff you’d expect from a point & shoot: flash, zoom, exposure control, white balance, even video!

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Gigantic lady of the lake

Meet the not-so-Little Mermaid that has been having a right old knees-up in the German city of Hamburg.

Oliver Voss’s floating sculpture is designed to look like a woman bathing in the picturesque Alster Lake. The three-piece work of art, which is 13ft high and 98ft long, will be turning heads for the next ten days – with many visitors boarding rowing boats to get a closer look.

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2 Dogs Arguing & Unshakeable

MIshka and Laika have a heated argument. One wants to play and the other doesn’t. Only on the Internet can we understand what a couple of dogs are saying.

This bird my be small, but he has an iron will (and claws of steel), hanging on to this moving windshield wiper like a champ

Mac N Cheese Animation

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An impressive work of nearly five months to make this animated film by four students of the School of Arts in Utrecht  the Netherlands. Entitled Mac N Cheese, it is directly inspired by Team Fortress 2 and Meet Buck the movie. A chase in a dynamic assembly

Urban City Miniature

Berlin street-artist EVOL has designed the facility  “Nordkreuz” at the festival in Hamburg Dockville MS. A real city and a street crossing in the ground for 8 days, with a replica of subdivision underground.

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