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Jenson Button Wins the Hungarian Grand Prix

Jenson Button took victory at the Hungarian Grand Prix, marking both the fifth anniversary of his first Formula One win at the Hungaroring in 2006 and the occasion of his 200th grand prix.

A difficult race in changeable conditions in which the lead changed numerous times was also marked by another drive-through penalty for his team-mate Lewis Hamilton. The world champion Sebastian Vettel maintained his championship lead with second and Fernando Alonso took third.

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Human Trees

Looking something like a cross between the Ents of Lord Of The Rings fame and good, old-fashioned stick men, these extraordinary trees would be more at home in a surrealist painting.They were created by a pair of nature-lovers using a painstaking technique known as tree shaping.Peter Cook and Becky Northey spend years guiding each tree’s growth along predetermined routes with wires.

Rainy ‘Ring Run

The name of Nürburgring Driving Academy instructor Andreas Gülden stays plastered on the video the whole time. Why? So we won’t forget who this skillful, daring and steel-balled man is.


BMW i Series Electric Concept Cars

BMW has unveiled the electric BMW i3 Concept and BMW i8 Concept cars. Focused on sustainability the BMW i3 is an-all, rear-wheel drive hatchback, while the hybrid i8 coupe (above) pairs an electric motor with a turbocharged three-cylinder for an all-wheel drive option.