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The jacket with inbuilt air-conditioning

Travelling on public transport can be sweltering at any time of the year, but is particularly insufferable in summer. But one designer has come up with a practical, if hardly stylish, solution – a jacket with its own air-conditioning system built in.

The fans – four inches in diameter – are powered by AA batteries, which last for several hours, or by plugging into a computer using a USB cable.

The electrical parts can be removed for washing. The only drawback is the balloon effect caused by the air flow.

Mr Ichigaya ,former Sony technician, now president of the shirt’s manufacturer Kuchofuku – whose products range from a blouse for £50 to overalls at £100 – said: ‘It’s true the jackets make you look like a “Michelin Man” but on factory floors people are more worried about being able to do their jobs in comfort.

Victorinox Slim Flash Drive

Built with the stereotypical casing of a pocket knife, the hi-tech gadgets pack a punch of up to 128GB of storage space split in two sticks of the Swiss Army Slim Duo USB drive. A choice of five bright colors applied to the rough metallic finish gives your Victorinox Slim Flash Drive an increasingly contemporary appeal.

Moleskine Star Wars Pocket Diaries

This is a preview of the upcoming collaboration between Moleskine and Star Wars. Soon the pocket diary maker will release a limited edition series, featuring Star Wars graphics and characters

Numerically Controlled Posters

This project is a collaboration between MWM Graphics, aarn, and Paper Fortress Films. The process of creating a “drawing” using a numerically controlled Sharpie is documented in a short video. Vector graphics are converted into a tool path and then a machine language which controls a 3-axis CNC machine retrofitted with a special fixture that holds a marker and mimics hand pressure during the act of drawing.

Chanel J12 Diver

Celebrating ONLY WATCH 2011, Chanel has released a unique model of the J12 Diver timepiece. “The case, in sand-blasted black ceramic and 18kt rose gold, measures 38mm. It has a sapphire crystal and is water resistant to 300 meters. Movement is a Swiss automatic (base ETA) with a power reserve of 42 hours.”