Microsoft’s answer to Google+ and Facebook – Tulalip

Microsoft is positioning itself to compete for social networking web space, a recent leak suggests.

On Thursday, the computer giant accidentally published a splash page advertising a social project under to the Microsoft-owned domain name

The project, entitled Tulalip, promised to let users ‘find what you need and share what you know easier than ever’.

The prototype was initially discovered by a blogger identified as J.B., who wrote about it on the website domain news site Fusible post read: ‘The four letter domain would complement Although the site isn’t operational, visitors can get an idea of where Microsoft is going with the service called Tulalip.’

The network’s name is shared by the name of a group of Native American tribes near Redmond, Washington – home to Microsoft’s headquarters.

The leak comes just weeks after Google launched its answer to social networking with new website, Google+, structured in a remarkably similar way to Facebook with profile pictures and newsfeeds forming a central core

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