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Samuel Sánchez wins on Bastille Day

Samuel Sanchez wins  stage 12 from Jelle Vandenvert, Frank Schleck finishes third.

‘Everything I do is Wrong’ Campaign

When it comes to PMS, guys might as well surrender. The best thing to do is to shut up and follow the example the men in the hilarious ‘Everything I do is Wrong’ Campaign have set. The whole idea is to advertise that outside of its nutritional value, milk has the power to lower symptoms of PMS before chaos ensues and you’re sleeping on the couch—again

Experience the whole campaign – link

Secret Stash Smartphone Case – the iHit

Tech-savvy stoners are going to love the iHit iPhone 4 case. The iHit is a case designed to protect your iPhone 4 and let you discretely transport a “one-hitter.” A one-hitter is a small smoking device used to take one hit of tobacco or (more likely) marijuana

The iHit iPhone 4 case is made out of rubber and features a small pouch on its side that is the perfect size for hiding a one-hitter. The iHit would definitely appeal to smokers trying to secret their stash


Paper Leica M3 Pinhole Camera

Check out Matt Nicholson’s pinhole 35mm Lie-ca M3 project entitled ‘making the desirable accessible through an A4 printer’.  Print out the design online, chop, fold and tape into shape, then add a role of film and you’re shooting pinhole-style.

Project No.8 Redgreen Glasses

These glasses from Bless feature large colored lenses, one green and one red, optimal for viewing 3D images

Minimal UV protection. Not meant for use as sunglasses.

Buy them here – Project No.8

The Evolution of Mobile – Vodafone

The Found Collective  thought this campaign for Vodafone : “The Evolution of Mobile”.