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So long Vinokourov

Kazakh Alexandre Vinokouro(Astana) breaks thigh bone in crash


Alexandre Vinokourov had one last goal to achieve in the race which brought him fame, glory but also disgrace — to finally hold the Tour de France leader’s yellow jersey at least for one day.

The Kazakh’s dream ended in a roadside ditch on Sunday when he was involved in a massive pile-up in the descent of a Massif Central mountain pass in the ninth stage between Issoire and St Flour.

Unable to stand, Vinokourov was attended to by the race doctor and two team mates who lifted him off the ground and brought him into an ambulance and away from the Tour with a fractured thigh bone.

Only the previous day, on the road to the ski-resort of Super-Besse, the Astana team leader had attacked on his own to try to seize the Tour lead in what he had announced would be his last professional season.

“I worked as a team captain for Alberto Contador on the last Tour but I want to give it another try as a leader,” the Kazakh said on the Tour de Romandie in May.

“I’m not expecting to win it. But I dream of holding the yellow jersey, as I’ve never had the chance to, and to hold it for a few days. Or go for the best climber’s polka dot.”


World’s steepest roller coaster – Japan

The death-defying Takabisha – which means dominant – is 141ft tall and has a free-fall angle of 121 degrees, sending riders hurtling towards the earth at up to 62mph. In just 112 seconds on the white-knuckle ride you zoom along more than two miles of track in a car fitted with motors that accelerate through seven fearsome loops.

Guinness World Records confirmed that the Takabisha at a Tokyo theme park is now the steepest roller coaster on the planet, knocking Yorkshire’s Mumbo Jumbo off the top spot.

Takabisha at the Fuji-Q Highland Amusement Park below Mount Fuji in Yamanashi,  cost £23million to build.

Test Drive Run