Keanu Reeves – “grown-up children’s book”

Keanu Reeves has developed a reputation in the media for being a bit glum and lonely.

In recent years, the notoriously private actor has suffered a series of personal tragedies including the deaths of his long-term girlfriend and baby daughter. Then last year, a picture taken of Reeves sitting alone on a bench eating a sandwich fuelled his lonely image and sparked a “Cheer up Keanu” campaign on Facebook.

Keanu Reeves has collaborated with Los Angeles artist Alexandra Grant for the book  entitled Ode to Happiness

The slim, handstitched book is a poem penned by Reeves, with a line on each page accompanied by simple blotted ink drawings by Los Angeles artist, Alexandra Grant.

“I thought it was fantastic,” says Reeves. “Holding it I just had this moment of looking at it and going ‘wow, if I’d like to have this, then other people would like to have this,’ so we tried to make it a work as a book.” Reeves is keen to stress that the poem is not a true reflection of his personal life, nor was it designed to counteract his media-created lonely image.

via the BBC

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  3. Love the Idea but even better would be a real children’s book from Keanu Reeves. I would be ready to invite him in my pre-school at the international german school in Brüssels and do some reading to and with our 110 children!

    July 13, 2011 at 7:48 pm

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