Bam Tweeted Reaction

After Roger Ebert tweet from yesterday, Bam reacts


Tire marks at the scene of the fatal crash show where the Porsche careened off the highway, through a metal guardrail and into the woods. Pictures from the scene show the charred remains as a tow truck had to drag the wreckage from the woods.

One response

  1. Well, Bam is right! I don’t understand what’s the big novelty about drinking and driving since this has been the cause of death of so many people and for such a long time. The thing is that he was labeled as this hardcore “partyer” so that’s why it was no surprise for him to do such an ” unconscious” thing as DUI’ing. *rolling my eyes* Fuckin’ hypocrites! How many of them don’t drive under influence?

    June 21, 2011 at 11:57 am

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