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“Where you goin’, black Saab?”

Remember “The Puerto Rican Day” from Seinfeld?

I never wondered why Jerry  drove a Saab in the TV why start now :))

also in the same episode

“JERRY: Vandelay. Wait a second. Mr. Pennypacker, if you’re here, and Mr. Vandelay is also here, then who’s watching  the factory?

KRAMER:  The factory?

JERRY:  The Saab factory?

KRAMER:  Jerry, that’s in Sweden.”


Apple is world’s most valuable brand

The BrandZ index calculates brand value on a number of factors, including an estimate of the brand’s contribution to earnings, valuation of intangible assets, measures of customer perception and an estimate of growth potential.

In their latest Top 100 BrandZ index Apple has managed to surpass Google which dominated the top in the last 4 years. Peter Walshe, global BrandZ director at Millward Brown, declared this is due to the fact Apple products  were not only highly desired by consumers but also seen by companies as useful.

So Apple is now the most valuable brand with a value  of more than $153bn.

TOP 10 Most Valuable Global Brands

1. Apple $153bn

2. Google $111bn

3. IBM $100bn

4. McDonald’s $81bn

5. Microsoft $78bn

6. Coca Cola $73bn

7. AT&T $70bn

8. Marlboro $67bn

9. China Mobile $57bn

10. GE $50bn

there’s also Coke..not just football

The Coca Cola Company celebrated its 125th anniversary