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Grandfather’s Iskra Pocket Watch

As you can see in my previous post on the subject, just 2 days ago i realized what i had in my possession. As the watch isn’t working yet, I made same photos for a watchmaker who was kind enough  to help me with some details about it, now I’m waiting on his reply about the condition based on the photos.

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If  I ever had a doubt  that today’s kids have it way better than I did…

Introducing the Harrington Group producers of Motorized Classic Replica cars for children. The manufacturer says the cars can be driven by anybody from the age of 6,  although as the cars have semi-automatic transmission i don’t think so. You can also choose between a  petrol or electric engine, with maximum speed of 69 kmh and 14 kmh, the advantage is the electric one has full independent  suspension. For more info visit – link

Porsche 356

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